Installing the correct Fascia, Soffit & Guttering System is Key to a Healthy Roof!

Fascia board is the long straight board running along the lower edge of the roof. Fixed directly to the roof trusses, supporting the bottom row of tiles and carries the guttering. It helps seal the roof’s exposed rafters from the elements. This means that no water can get inside, causing rot or mildew that can seriously damage your roof and building. 

Barge-board is used on the gable end to prevent water from entering the roof lining and has evolved over the years into very attractive additions.  

Soffit is essential for neatly protecting the gap between the siding and roof, tucked under the fascia and can be ventilated to allow air flow to roof area.


Rain gutters are long, narrow tubes used to re-route rain that falls on the roof of a house or building through a downpipe and out to the drainage system and away from the home.

Verge, ridge and hip dry fix installation refers to the mechanical installation of plastic tiles without the use of traditional mortar bedding. Mortar bedding is often unreliable and is adversely affected by rain and wind and generally can crack and deteriorate over time .

Water ingress happens when damaged fascia and soffits let moisture in to the rafters and building, if paint is peeling on either the fascia, soffits and barge boards it indicates that the boards are probably rotten and beginning to let water in.  Failing to correctly identify and deal with roof line problems leads to deeper-lying damp and structural issues.  

Additional to being functional, they can now enhance the curb appeal to ANY property.